Bunce Island

Bunce Island is an island in the Sierra Leone River estuary of the Rokel River and Port Loko Creek. It is situated in Freetown Harbour, about 20 miles (32 kilometres) upriver from Sierra Leone’s capital city Freetown. The island measures about 1,650 feet (502.9 meters) by 350 feet (106.7 meters). The Gold coast which Bunce Island forms part of it, is no doubt the home for Roots tourism with respect to the trans-slave trade. Today, grave side of Slave Masters and their slaves illustrates the importance of this Island during the Slave trade.

The Big Markit

Big Markit is located at Wallace Johnson Street in Freetown doesn’t just get its name because of its physical size, it is also the biggest artisans market in Sierra Leone and is one of the oldest markets in Sierra Leone, dating from the 18th century. Today visitors will find an incredible array of arts and crafts for sale, from wooden carvings, drums and jewellery to paintings and woven craft such as Sierra Leone’s celebrated shukublai, a basket traditionally made by the Temne in which possessions are kept safe.

The Cotton Tree

The Cotton Tree is a unique landmark that represents the great history of Freed Slaves in the Free land called Sierra Leone with a defining Capital City name called “FREETOWN” The Cotton Tree is said to be over 500 years Old. During the arrival of the returnees (Black Freed Slaves) this unique landmark was used to be a resting place and even a prayer ground for these people because of the shade of the tree. Naturally, the tree is said to be placed right at the City Centre surrounded by almost all of the important administrative buildings.